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Uncategorized / November 13, 2014

Irish men worry about their ‘yellow teeth’

by Guy Hiscott

A male body hang-ups survey revealed that 10% of Irish men fret about their yellow teeth.

It may not be a lot, but the results show that body hang-ups, including yellow teeth, knock the confidence of over a third of Irish men.

Other insecurities include hair loss (60%), belly or ‘love handles’ (41%) and ‘moobs’ (7%).

The majority (92%) of Irish males would consider improving an aspect of their appearance if their partner or a family member suggested it to them.

Just under half (40%) believe that men should be free to look after themselves without being judged, and over half (57%) believe being bald could prevent a man’s career progression in some way.

Commenting on the results, Thérapie Hair Restoration medical director Dr André Nel said: ‘This research shows that many men are holding themselves back because of insecurities.’

The research was conducted among 544 males aged 18 and over by Thérapie Hair Restoration as part of its #HairLossHeadOn campaign.