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Uncategorized / September 13, 2022

Children’s Health report due soon

by Guy Hiscott

A major report into children’s health is to be released soon.

Children’s Health will be launched on 23 September.

The eight-12 page report will be distributed with the Irish Independent newspaper with additional distribution to a range of targeted events/virtual events.

Supported by Irish Dentistry magazine and website, digital and print distribution will be aimed at dentists and dental teams, parents and families, carers, new mothers, healthcare professionals, paediatricians, the general public, GPs and policy makers.

The campaign will seek to share advice and information around a range of therapy areas affecting children’s health and the research and innovative solutions coming forward to treat them.

It will take a look at the development and investment required to enhance access to and quality of paediatric care in Ireland and ultimately driving positive change for children, adolescents and society as a whole.

Key topic areas:

  • Access to children’s healthcare
  • Tooth decay/oral health
  • Nutrition and childhood obesity
  • Childhood diabetes
  • Mental health
  • Children’s cancer
  • Vaccinations
  • Impact of pandemic on children’s health
  • Newborn screening
  • New parents.

Confirmed associations and contributors:

• Children’s Health Ireland
• National Immunisation Office
• Diabetes Ireland
• Dental Health Foundation
• Faculty of Paediatrics – RCPI
• GS1 Ireland
• Amryt Pharma
• AstraZeneca
• Systems Biology
• CyberSafekids
• Hearing Solutions
• Marks & Spencer
• John West.