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Ireland’s Dental Bill: where are we now?

Irish Dentistry’s Managing Editor Carlotta Eden looks at progress made on the new Dental Bill this year – and how far we have left to go. Since the beginning of the year, Irish Dentistry has been investigating progress behind the new Dental Bill, undertaking our own independent research as to when and how the new … Continued

Why dental registration matters

Stephen Murray considers the importance of dental regulation in Ireland An article in Irish Dentistry’s Regulation Debate asked ‘does every dental professional have the right to regulation?’ (January 2016) I think a more fundamental question is ‘does every patient have a right to be treated by someone who is regulated?’ – and to me, regulation … Continued

Shining a light on dental nursing

Irish Dentistry talks to Tina Gorman about how the Irish Dental Nurses Association plans to raise the profile of dental nurses across the country What can you tell us about the current situation for dental nurses in Ireland? There is currently no legal requirement to be trained or qualified to work as a dental nurse … Continued