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Combatting dental decay in children

Emma Ryan, IDHA Kin Dental Hygienist of the Year 2022, highlights the importance of good oral health in children, and explains what the dental profession can do to help parents prioritise it. Good oral health in children is essential for overall health and quality of life. One in three children under the age of five … Continued

Kids with siblings more scared of dentist than children without

Kids with brothers and sisters fear the dentist more than children without siblings. Researchers examined how parenting styles and family structures affected children’s dental attitudes and behaviour. ‘Preventing and intercepting dental fear and anxiety during childhood are considered as critical approaches for improving people’s oral health and dental experience,’ wrote the authors, led by Lingli … Continued

Lack of guidance delays child dental visits

A lack of guidance may be delaying a child’s first trip to the dentist. A poll in the US showed that less than half of parents received guidance about starting dental visits from a doctor or dentist – and this figure was worse among low-income parents. One in six parents who did not receive advice … Continued

Handle with care: our focus on vulnerable patients

Introducing Irish Dentistry’s focus on Ireland’s most vulnerable patients throughout 2018. What’s it all about? — Last year was an important year for Ireland’s most vulnerable patients. Initiatives like Mouth Cancer Awareness Day highlighted the importance of caring for socially excluded patients, like the homeless and addiction sufferers. In the summer, the Irish Society of … Continued

Karen Koster launches ‘First Dental Visit’ in Ireland

TV broadcaster Karen Koster helped launch Dental Care Ireland’s ‘First Dental Visit’ campaign last month. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of establishing a good dental health routine from an early age. As ambassador, Koster will speak out on issues such as toothbrushing during the campaign. Free visits Throughout the month of … Continued

A year of healthy smiles

We bring Irish Dentistry’s 2017 campaign on child oral health to a close Last year, we set ourselves a challenge: can we help you to help keep kids’ teeth clean? We were overwhelmed by the response to Keep Kids’ Teeth Clean. The aim of the campaign was to get you talking about child oral health, … Continued

Calls for kids’ oral health programme in Ireland

A national oral health programme is being called for to tackle levels of extreme decay amongst children. Dr Brett Duane, associate professor in dental public health at Dublin Dental University Hospital (DDUH), said a similar programme for kids in Scotland has reduced tooth decay levels by almost a third. ‘Within the community, all children receive … Continued