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News / March 12, 2018

Karen Koster launches ‘First Dental Visit’ in Ireland

by Guy Hiscott

TV broadcaster Karen Koster helped launch Dental Care Ireland’s ‘First Dental Visit’ campaign last month.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of establishing a good dental health routine from an early age.

As ambassador, Koster will speak out on issues such as toothbrushing during the campaign.

Free visits

Throughout the month of March 2018, Dental Care Ireland will also be offering a free first dental visit to all patients under five.

Speaking at the launch, Koster said: ‘We all know about teething and tooth fairies when it comes to our children’s dental health, but otherwise I think there can be a tendency to wait until a problem arises before seeking advice.

‘At the baby and toddler stage in particular, it is so helpful to speak to a dentist and find out what you should or shouldn’t be doing to prevent potential issues from the outset. I am sure most parents will agree that it is a challenge to get any toddler to brush their teeth, but it’s all about establishing a routine and hopefully encouraging a habit for life.’

According to Dr Paul O’Dwyer, group clinical advisor at Dental Care Ireland: ‘Despite the fact that they will eventually fall out, the importance of deciduous or “baby” teeth cannot be overstated.

‘Early attendance at the dentist is the cornerstone of good dental health, and a successful first dental visit can make all the difference.’

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