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How to save a life – how a dental hygienist helped spot a patient’s cancer

Siobhan Kelleher speaks to eagle-eyed dental hygienist Helena McGann, whose intervention helped spot a patient’s potentially life-threatening cancer. Tell us about your dental hygiene approaches in practice As a dental hygienist, it is possible, and I feel necessary, to care holistically for the patient. Through my excellent training in DDUH/Trinity College and NUIG in various … Continued

Mother diagnosed with cancer after dental hygienist spots symptom

A patient who got diagnosed with cancer following a trip to the dentist is calling on the public to check unusual symptoms. Jane Jackson had her skin cancer discovered after a dental hygienist noticed a cancerous mole on her neck during treatment, reports the Irish Mirror.  As a result, she got a dermatology appointment through … Continued

Married couples more likely to seek cancer help

As oral cancer rates spike among women in Ireland, researchers find that married couples are more easily encouraged by their spouses to seek medical care when problems arise. People who are married are also better at sticking with medication. In the study, researchers expressed concern about the rising incidence of oral cancer in women, which … Continued

Mouth cancer deaths predicted to rise by 2030

Mouth cancer related deaths are expected to rise between now and 2030, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Mortality rates are predicted to increase by almost a quarter (24%), along with throat cancer (25%), bladder cancer (29%), diabetes (34%) and prostate cancer (38%). More than 300 cases of mouth cancer are detected each year … Continued

Dentists to cycle 750km in honour of brother

Above photo: Peter and Alex, two of the cyclists, take a break during training Three dentists from Beechwood Dental will cycle from Paris to Nice in France to raise money for the ARC Cancer Support Centre in Dublin. Peter, Alex and Greg will complete the 750km cycle in September in honour of their colleague, and … Continued

Oral health infographic highlights bad habits

Cork practice Dervla Leavy Dental Care has created an infographic to show how poor oral health can have a negative impact on general health. Dervla Leavy of Dervla Leavy Dental Care hopes the graphic will ensure the public are aware of the relationship between oral and general health. The graphic looks at how oral health … Continued

New patient leaflet raises mouth cancer awareness

New posters and a patient information leaflet have been designed to raise awareness about mouth cancer detection and prevention. The patient resources, Focus on Mouth Cancer, were launched by the Mayor of Derry Brenda Stevenson at an event at the Old Library Trust Healthy Living Centre, Londonderry. The event aimed to raise awareness of the … Continued