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Powerful partnerships – building relationships with company representatives

  There’s always two sides to the story. Siobhan Kelleher sheds light on how dental professionals can foster better relationships with company representatives. In the dental industry, there exists a relationship between the dental team and company representatives who provide products and educational resources. While some dental team members may take these relationships for granted, … Continued

Nutrition – lifestyle medicine

Siobhan Kelleher continues her series on lifestyle medicine by exploring the role of nutrition on health and sustainable living. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in lifestyle medicine and its impact on our overall health and wellbeing.  Lifestyle medicine emphasises the importance of making positive lifestyle choices, such as adopting a nutritious … Continued

Social connection – lifestyle medicine

Siobhan Kelleher explores the role of social connection in lifestyle medicine and provides insights from the blue zones. In pursuing optimal health and wellbeing, lifestyle medicine has emerged as a holistic approach that emphasises the importance of various lifestyle factors.  While nutrition, physical activity and stress management are commonly accepted pillars of lifestyle medicine, the … Continued

Sleep – lifestyle medicine

Siobhan Kelleher delves into sleep and its impact on various aspects of human health. Sleep is an essential aspect of human life, playing a crucial role in maintaining overall health and wellbeing. It is one of the pillars of lifestyle medicine, along with nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and social connections.  Adequate sleep is vital … Continued

Wellbeing – living for a future self

Dental hygienist and coach, Siobhan Kelleher, speaks to hygienist and wellbeing advocate, Bernie Ffrench, about disability, wellbeing and the importance of protecting your future. Siobhan Kelleher (SK): Tell us about your career pathway. Bernie Ffrench (BF): Like most things in life, we are often guided to choose a career path that we feel excited about … Continued

An exploration into your mind

Siobhan Kelleher speaks to Mark Oborn about neuro-linguistic programming, why it is so powerful and its potential in dentistry. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) gets talked about a lot in team management and particularly sales training.  In this article, I want to explore what NLP is, and how you might be able to use it in a … Continued

Exploring the liminal space and what it will bring

Siobhan Kelleher explores the liminal space; a place between the past and what lies ahead in the future.  As a qualified coach, I have been coaching clinicians questioning their careers, lifestyles, and where they want to go. Often, they are in the liminal space. But what exactly is the liminal space? Liminal comes from the … Continued