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Navigating HIQA’s radiation audit procedures

Jane Renehan answers a reader’s question relating to the Health Information and Quality Authority’s new radiation audit procedures. The question – Dear Jane… How do HIQA’s new radiation audit procedures differ from the previous Dental Council clinical audit criteria? What has changed for practice owners and dentists?  Answer Legislative changes in recent months assigned the … Continued

Eliminating bacteria in dental waterlines

Jane Renehan answers another reader’s question relating to eliminating bacteria in dental waterlines. The question – Dear Jane… What is the best way to ensure that dental waterlines are clean and clear of biofilm? Is there a recommended product that is best for eliminating bacteria in waterlines? The answer Dental practices operate with a large … Continued

Amalgam separators

Jane Renehan provides the answer to another reader’s question regarding dental amalgam separators. The question – Dear Jane… This query is in relation to dental amalgam separators and the regulations. My local authority contacted me recently requiring that I complete a self-declaration questionnaire and return it along with specific documentation. Can you clarify what steps … Continued

Buying a new autoclave

Jane Renehan offers 10 tips to follow when buying a new autoclave in response to a reader’s question. The question – Dear Jane… Can you give me some advice as to what I should look out for when buying a new dental autoclave? The answer The autoclave is an essential equipment item in dental practices. … Continued

Compliance advice

Jane Renehan answers a reader’s question on how to get started with compliance. The question – Dear Jane… In recent months I opened a new dental practice.  I’m working single-handedly at the moment, but over time I have plans to expand the size of the practice.  With the new build, purchase of equipment, recruiting staff … Continued

Risk assessment advice

Jane Renehan answers another reader’s question – read on to learn how to carry out an effective risk assessment. The question – Dear Jane… Would you explain in simple steps how to carry out a risk assessment? Any guidance I have received seems to involve a lot of time and paperwork. I just can’t see the … Continued

Hand-held X-ray advice

Jane Renehan answers another question from a reader – this time, she’s busting some myths about hand-held portable X-ray devices. The question – Dear Jane… Are hand-held portable X-ray devices a like-for-like substitute for a wall-mounted intraoral X-ray machines? The answer Hand-held X-ray equipment should not be considered as a replacement for fixed or semi-mobile intraoral … Continued