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Breakthrough caries research launches toothpaste

by Guy Hiscott

Breakthrough data, published by Colgate, has indicated that the use of a toothpaste containing 1.5% arginine, an insoluble calcium compound, and 1,450ppm fluoride provides superior protection against caries, compared to toothpastes containing 1,450ppm fluoride alone.

Two two-year caries clinical studies, involving over 12,000 people, concluded that the use of a toothpaste containing 1.5% arginine, an insoluble calcium compound and 1,450 ppm fluoride, provided up to 20% fewer new cavities in two years versus the use of a regular (1,450ppm) fluoride toothpaste (Kraivaphan et al, 2013) (Hu D et al, 2013).

These clinical findings support the launch of Colgate’s latest innovation – Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser toothpaste.

The new everyday anti-cavity toothpaste contains Colgate’s unique Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology, which is powered by 1.5% arginine and has been proven to help neutralise the damaging acids produced by the breakdown of dietary free sugars (Wolff et al, 2013) (Santarpia et al, 2013).

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser delivers a clinically proven and effective everyday anti-cavity solution, ideal for young families and children, helping to combat the ever increasing level of free sugar consumption found in modern daily diets (Cummins, 2013) (Bagramian, Garcia-Godoy and Volpe, 2009).

For more information, including summaries of the clinical research conducted, visit the website.


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