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Irish workers missing out on dental benefits

by Guy Hiscott

Irish employees are missing out on dental health benefits, according to research.

Findings suggest that 77% of workers do not receive any health-related benefits as part of their employment package, and those that do receive even less dental health insurance.

Despite this, more than half of employees are aware of the links between dental and general health. Moreover, 85% would be interested in receiving dental insurance.

Maureen Walsh, chief executive of Decare Dental, said: ‘The fact that employers are losing time every year due to employees needing emergency, or even just routine, dental treatment during working hours should alert them to the fact that there is an issue.’

The research shows that one in 10 Irish workers have missed work days due to dental-related issues, missing an average of four days per person.

Maureen continued: ‘There are a variety of ways in which [employers] can help their teams and their families achieve greater oral health by, for example, accessing a group scheme.’

The findings were presented by Decare Dental at a recent seminar for HR professionals and business managers.

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