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Case study: how to promote guided bone regeneration

Lucy Stock presents a case study highlighting the use of customised titanium membranes for guided bone regeneration in implant dentistry. Many years ago, dental implant treatment was considered successful if the implant didn’t fall out of the mouth. Patients accepted the gap being filled with something white, even if it didn’t quite look or function … Continued

Combatting bone loss – the techniques

 Andoni Jones shares his views on techniques available to combat bone loss post extraction. It has been shown that 11-22% of vertical bone loss and approximately 32% of horizontal bone loss occurs in the first six months post extraction (Tan et al, 2012).  Immediate implant protocols have been developed to help minimise this bone loss … Continued

Ueli Grunder to headline IAAD’s Dublin meeting

World-renowned speaker Dr Ueli Grunder will headline the Irish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry’s (IAAD) Scientific Meeting 2018 on 28 September. Taking place at the Marker Hotel in Dublin, Dr Grunder will look at how to achieve optimal aesthetics in implant dentistry, and offer a step-by-step treatment strategy. A world-leading expert in aesthetic and implant dentistry, … Continued

Dental students to host CPD night in Dublin

Fourth-year dental students will host a CPD night on 17 May to raise funds for DOVE (Dental Overseas Voluntary Elective). The night will take place at the Dublin Dental Hospital and will feature a lecture on the fundamentals of paediatric dentistry for the GDP, delivered by Dr Kirsten Fitzgerald. Dr Una Lally and Dr Michael … Continued

Antidepressants link with implant failure

Antidepressants have been linked to a higher rate of dental implant failure. Antidepressants have been shown to affect bone metabolism and may be more likely to develop xerostomia, according to The use of both antidepressants and patients with dental implants has increased in the last 10 years in the US. ‘Antidepressants are the second … Continued