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Free charity dental treatment for Northern Ireland’s homeless

Dental charity Dentaid and Bupa Dental Care have partnered up to offer free dental treatments to those who are homeless in Northern Ireland. The new mobile unit will visit Simon Community NI, a homeless charity in Northern Ireland. Clients suffering from toothache will be able to access free, emergency pain relieving treatments on the Dentaid … Continued

Mouth cancer rates rising for homeless

The homeless are facing increased risks of mouth cancer, warn dentists. Two people are dying each week from the disease, with the homeless the most vulnerable. ‘A lot of people say the lives of homeless people are chaotic but the reality is that life on the streets imposes chaos on them,’ Professor lánaid Daly, who … Continued

Addiction, homelessness and oral health: a story of second chances

We are surrounded by 3,000 acres of forest in the mountains of County Wicklow. It’s December, and it’s frosty. Looking up the long dirt road that leads to a row of rustic-looking buildings, it’s hard to believe that a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre could be as picturesque as this. But Tiglin is here to … Continued