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Sugary drinks tax in place for Ireland

A tax on sugary drinks in Ireland is going ahead – but not until April 2018. Minister for Finance Michael Noonan announced the plans last month in the Budget 2017 in a bid to align with a similar tax in the UK. Minister Noonan was quoted saying: ‘The supply lines are very connected between the … Continued

Why a sugar tax is a logical step in Ireland

Chris Macey looks at why a sugar tax could be a logical, effective first step to stop dental decay and child obesity It’s a basic rule of economics that when the price of a product goes up, consumption falls. If taxation is used to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks (SSDs), children in particular will consume … Continued

Fizzy drinks present triple threat to kids’ teeth

Researchers are warning parents of the dangers of highly acidic drinks that could present a ‘triple threat’ of permanent damage to young people’s teeth. Highly acidic drinks include soft drinks, fruit juice, sport drinks, and others. Australian dental researchers have shown that lifelong damage is caused by acidity to the teeth within the first 30 … Continued