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Diabetes, dental hygiene and me

The link between diabetes and periodontal disease is well known to dental professionals, but not to diabetics – Aisha Ramadan shares her experience of training in dental hygiene with diabetes. Diabetes. Periodontal disease. Diabetes and periodontal disease. These are common words to hear as dental practitioners. From the bidirectional relationship, the complications and the severity … Continued

Diabetes: time to switch from sugary drinks?

For adults with type 2 diabetes, the swap is associated with lower rates of early death due to cardiovascular disease (CVD) and other causes, finds new research published by The BMJ. A greater increase in coffee and tea consumption from before to after a diabetes diagnosis was associated with fewer deaths. Researchers suggest that these findings highlight … Continued

Dental Care Ireland partners with national diabetes charity

Dental Care Ireland has launched a year-long partnership with Diabetes Ireland, the national diabetes charity. Throughout the year, Dental Care Ireland staff across the country will work with Diabetes Ireland to develop a number of fundraising and awareness initiatives, including a dedicated oral health web section, oral health information talks, and a sponsored ‘brushathon’ to … Continued

Periodontitis and type II diabetes link stronger in men

A stronger link between periodontitis and type II diabetes has been found in men. Those with diabetes are three times more likely to develop periodontitis than those without the disease – but research said the link ‘was not present in women’. Researchers noted that this was due to women generally having healthier oral hygiene behaviours … Continued

Dublin dental nursing meeting free to members

The Irish Dental Nurses’ Association (IDNA) Conference 2016 will take place on 22 October in Dublin and is free to all members. This year’s theme is promotion, prevention and education in oral health and includes a host of speakers, including IDNA president Dr Mary O’Donnell, Dr Barry Dace from the US, Orlagh Pettigrew, Dr Anne … Continued

Why a sugar tax is a logical step in Ireland

Chris Macey looks at why a sugar tax could be a logical, effective first step to stop dental decay and child obesity It’s a basic rule of economics that when the price of a product goes up, consumption falls. If taxation is used to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks (SSDs), children in particular will consume … Continued