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The hygienist in the cupboard

I recently heard a story about a dental practice where the hygienist’s ‘surgery’ was carved out and located in the cubbyhole under the stairs. Picture a triangular room, a slanting ceiling and the ‘thud, thump’ of footsteps providing a soundtrack to a relaxing treatment procedure. A ‘genius’ dentist saving a few pennies and investing wisely … Continued

Dental Protection’s first conference highlights ‘safer practice, better care’

Dental Protection’s debut conference in Dublin on Saturday 29 September highlighted importance of front-of-office team as ‘first line of defense’. Dentist Dr Garry Heavey explained the challenges facing the front team and added: ‘That’s pressure that dentists don’t have to face.’ Addressing the audience, Dr Heavey, past president of the Irish Dental Association (IDA), said: … Continued

Winners celebrate at the 2018 Irish Dentistry Awards

Celebrating the seventh year of the Irish Dentistry Awards, this year’s winners came out on top on Friday 26 January at the Mansion House in Dublin. More than 350 guests, including this year’s finalists, enjoyed an evening of celebration and entertainment at the 2018 Irish Dentistry Awards, which commemorates dental excellence in Irish dentistry. There … Continued

Tips and tricks: running a dental practice

Providing excellent oral care is the main aim of any dental practice. However, that’s only made possible by multiple other factors that have much less to do with dentistry. From establishing a great team, to ensuring that your practice has an effective infrastructure, there is a lot to take into account when you’re setting up … Continued

Training and competency in dental hygiene

Joe Ingham looks at expanding your horizons as a dental hygienist in training and competency From the comfort of the front passenger seat, anyone who doesn’t have a driving licence might reasonably observe that driving is a fairly straightforward process. The wheel is turned in the required direction of travel and the feet operate pedals … Continued