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Dental nurse sponsorship scheme kicks off in Northern Ireland

A new fully-funded programme for dental nurses has launched in Northern Ireland in a bid to secure the future of the profession. Portman Dental Care has joined forces with South West College in Dungannon to kick off a new apprenticeship scheme for dental nurses. Each candidate will experience one of Portman’s 11 practices scattered throughout Northern Ireland. They … Continued

How COVID-19 has changed the role of the dental nurse

Gemma Forsythe is a dental nurse in Northern Ireland. She discusses the importance of adaptability and why dental nurses are crucial to the changing landscape of dentistry.  Lockdown This is going to sound a bit strange but…I enjoyed lockdown!  I know that most people hated it and found it quite difficult but I saw it … Continued

Dublin dental nursing meeting free to members

The Irish Dental Nurses’ Association (IDNA) Conference 2016 will take place on 22 October in Dublin and is free to all members. This year’s theme is promotion, prevention and education in oral health and includes a host of speakers, including IDNA president Dr Mary O’Donnell, Dr Barry Dace from the US, Orlagh Pettigrew, Dr Anne … Continued

Shining a light on dental nursing

Irish Dentistry talks to Tina Gorman about how the Irish Dental Nurses Association plans to raise the profile of dental nurses across the country What can you tell us about the current situation for dental nurses in Ireland? There is currently no legal requirement to be trained or qualified to work as a dental nurse … Continued