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Compliance advice

Jane Renehan answers a reader’s question on how to get started with compliance. The question – Dear Jane… In recent months I opened a new dental practice.  I’m working single-handedly at the moment, but over time I have plans to expand the size of the practice.  With the new build, purchase of equipment, recruiting staff … Continued

Lyndsey McGuinness: a varied and exciting role

Lyndsey McGuinness outlines some key aspects of her role in clinical compliance, from radiation protection to training and education. Weekly planning I usually like to plan out my time at the start of each week. I allocate time for completion of administration and desk-based work, which involves working on or researching clinical compliance projects, but … Continued

Clinical compliance in dental practice

Jane Renehan provides a basic guide to the essential regulations for compliance to give dentists a solid foundation to build on. For dentists working in the Republic of Ireland, finding out what are the regulations that govern their clinical practice is not straight forward. In fact, it’s a quagmire of confusing pathways, cul-de-sacs and motorways. … Continued