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News / April 1, 2024

EFP calls for Digital Innovation Award entries in periodontal healthcare

by Rowan Thomas

periodontology award seeks applications

The European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) is calling for applications for the EFP Digital Innovation Award 2024.

Supported by Haleon, the annual award celebrates digital innovations that contribute to gum health on a global scale. 

The EFP Digital Innovation Award is divided into three categories:

  • Innovation for the public: digital technologies, such as apps or devices, accessible to everyone, enhancing gum health and preventing gum inflammation. These innovations should be user-friendly and support primary or secondary prevention
  • Innovation for the dentist: focused on technologies that facilitate the diagnosis and improvement of gum health
  • Innovation for periodontal researchers: encourages the development of novel digital methods that enhance the quality of research in gum health.

Open to all members of EFP member societies, the competition welcomes fresh ideas and innovative minds. However, previous winners or those related to previously awarded projects are not eligible to reapply.

Three awards are conferred annually, each accompanied by a certificate. The first prize winner will be awarded €10,000, the second prize €6,000, and the third prize €4,000. Results will be announced at the EFP Students Symposium in September 2024. 

How will the winner be chosen?

A panel of five adjudicators will evaluate the applications. Each submission will be scored based on four critical aspects: the need it addresses, its market potential, the presentation of the idea, and the business plan.

The aim is to foster digital innovations that meet a specific need in gum health, stand out in the market, and are easily applicable. 

Submissions should present the innovation, showing how it solves unmet needs and its advantages over existing solutions. A prototype or scientific paper, if available, will strengthen the submission.

Submissions should outline a clear business plan, detailing the journey from conception to market. This includes production costs, market strategy, and customer pricing. Submissions should include all supporting materials and be sent via email in PDF format to the EFP European coordinator, Monica Guinea, at by 10 June 2024.

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