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Features / September 20, 2023

Multidisciplinary treatments in orthodontics

by Rowan Thomas

multi-disciplinary approaches to orthodontics

The 3M Excellere London for orthodontics will present the latest advancements, cutting-edge techniques and breakthrough innovations in orthodontics.

Tell us about the course

The 3M Excellere London for orthodontics will be an electrifying orthodontic event like no other! Join us and get ready to immerse yourself in the latest advancements, cutting-edge techniques and breakthrough innovations in orthodontics. 

Delivered through face-to-face lectures and parallel sessions, delegates will be able to apply what they’ve learned straightaway.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with industry leaders, expand your knowledge, and elevate your practice to new heights. Additionally, there will be parallel sessions available for clinic staff, focusing on hands-on training for digital bonding and APC FF. Moreover, a special workshop will be conducted, providing guidance on effectively managing difficult interactions with individuals and handling emotions. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details!

Why should dental professionals from Ireland attend?

Event agenda will contribute to your professional growth, knowledge enhancement and overall success in your practice.

Staying updated with the latest advancements in orthodontics is crucial to providing the best possible care to your patients. Attending lectures allows you to learn about new techniques, materials, and technologies that can improve your treatment outcomes.

Lectures are conducted by experienced and renowned orthodontists/speakers who have made significant contributions to the field. Learning from these experts can provide valuable insights and practical tips to improve your clinical skills.

Excellere will bring together professionals from various backgrounds and locations. What’s more, networking with other orthodontists can lead to valuable connections, potential collaborations and access to a broader range of knowledge and perspectives.

You will also receive CPD credits. 

What skills/knowledge can delegates expect to take away with them after the course?

3M Excellere London for orthodontics indicates your commitment to continuous improvement and growth as a professional. It sets an excellent example for your colleagues and can positively impact your reputation in the field.

In summary, attending 3M Excellere London for orthodontics is a valuable investment in your career. It enables you to stay at the forefront of the orthodontic field, enhance your skills, build relationships with peers and industry representatives, and ultimately provide the highest level of care to your patients.

What does the future hold – for orthodontics and dentistry in general?

With advancements in technology, orthodontic treatments will become increasingly tailored to individual patients. Customised treatment plans, personalised aligners and individualised appliances will become more common.

Collaborative approaches between different dental specialties (eg, orthodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics) will become more common. Interdisciplinary treatments can lead to more comprehensive and optimal outcomes for patients.

The importance of evidence-based practice will continue to grow, driving research and clinical trials to establish the effectiveness and safety of various orthodontic treatments.

Overall, the future of orthodontics and dentistry will be shaped by technological advancements, personalised treatments, increased collaboration between dental specialties and a focus on improving patient outcomes and experiences. As research and innovation progress, the field is likely to see exciting developments that will benefit both dental professionals and patients.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Do not miss out this opportunity this year to attend the biggest conference of 3M Orthodontics in London on 17 November 2023. Which is a great timing for Christmas shopping and a jazz festival in London as well!  


  • ‘Planning and execution of complex and multidisciplinary cases; from start to retention and beyond’ (main session) – Ektor Grammatopoulos
  • ‘Can we treat our class III patients early and orthodontically to prevent the need for orthognathic surgery?’ (parallel session) – Simon Littlewood
  • ‘Integrating lingual: interdisciplinary care with Incognito appliance system’ (parallel session) – Robbi Lawson
  • ‘The many dimensions of class II treatment’ (parallel session) – Badri Thiruvenkatachari
  • ‘Dealing with difficult people, emotions’ (parallel session) – Jay Rai
  • ‘Mastering digital bonding: a comprehensive training guide for ortho clinic staff’ (hands-on parallel session) – David Moreno
  • Networking reception.

The 3M Excellere London for orthodontics – ‘Multidisciplinary treatments in orthodontics’ – takes place on 17 November 2023 in London at the Institute of Directors.

Book before 30 September to take advantage of early bird price of £195. The cost after this point will be £225. Tickets for postgraduate students, dental therapists and nurses cost £150. With limited seats, book now to avoid disappointment! Register by completing the form at 

For further details, visit or contact