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Irish Dentistry Show: something for everyone

by Rowan Thomas

The Irish Dentistry Show

The Irish Dentistry Show is coming to Dublin this September! Here, we shine a light on what attendees can expect from the show.

One of Ireland’s leading dental events returns on 9 September – and this year’s show is larger than ever before!

Taking place on Saturday 9 September at Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in Ballsbridge, the Irish Dentistry Show will bring together Ireland’s dental professionals with leading speakers and brands for a full-scale exhibition with a concurrent lecture series featuring the hottest topics in dentistry for every member of the practice team.

Larger than previous years, there are more reasons than ever to attend – with more speakers and more exhibitors. Best of all, it’s completely free.

The Irish Dentistry Show is for the whole practice team with lectures, networking and exhibitors that cater to everyone.

Get face to face with the full spectrum of dental companies via the exhibition, featuring the latest products and biggest innovations that power dentistry. If you’re looking to restock, get a better deal, upgrade or just discover something new then you’ll find it here.

Inspirational lectures

Leading clinicians from across the profession will bring their expertise to the comprehensive series of power lectures throughout the day. The range of lectures caters to every member of the practice so there’s something for everyone!

Lecture highlights across the two lecture theatres

Joe McEnhill – Planning beyond the extraction: is there a bigger picture?

Atraumatic tooth extractions are an essential skill that all dentists should have if they are to reduce damage to surrounding hard and soft tissues. Extractions, however, are not the final act of the patient journey. 

Preserving the width and height of the jawbone prepares for easier placement of dental implants, either immediately or down the line, and is a fundamental skill every dentist could master. This lecture is designed to give a better understanding of atraumatic tooth extractions along with the short- and long-term factors to consider. 

Nishma Sharma – Finding the elusive ICP (inner calm and peace)

Much like a stale, one-way relationship, you work your ball-burnishers off, feel isolated and undervalued, and threaten to leave after every broken core… Yes, dentistry is hard work and has never tested our resilience as much as it currently does. So, what happens when you fall out of love with dentistry? What happened to that dental dream we all chased at uni? Why is happiness harder to find than a sclerosed MB2? In this lecture, Nishma reflects on her personal ups and downs with portfolio dentistry, life after burnout, our toxic obsession with tooth porn and the secret to us all smiling more, including how to find more joy and humour in what we do.  

Nishma looks to dissect not only where we maybe going wrong, but more importantly, where we are going right, and why sometimes it isn’t the world around us that’s covered in spittle, but maybe just our loupes that need cleaning. 

Domonic Castro – Revolutionising oral care: exploring the benefits of Burst products

In this engaging presentation, Dominic, a dental hygienist based in San Diego, California, will guide you through the benefits and features of Burst Oral Care products. With a focus on the Burst products available in Ireland, Dominic will provide valuable insights into how these products contribute to improved oral health for your patients. 

Through informative discussions and practical recommendations, participants will gain a deep understanding of the features and advantages of each product, as well as their specific oral health benefits. 

Dominic will share valuable tips on how to integrate these products effectively into daily oral care routines, empowering attendees to achieve optimal oral hygiene outcomes for their patients. With a commitment to continuing professional development, this presentation aims to enhance participants’ product knowledge, improve patient care skills, promote professional competence, and keep you up-to-date with advancements in oral care. 

Join Dominic for an engaging session that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional oral care recommendations to your patients.

Naveed Maan – How to start the implant journey

In this lecture, Naveed will discuss the requirements that are sensible to go into providing implant treatments, as well as which skills are necessary and which are desirable, patient selection and the first patient. In addition, Naveed will guide attendees on whom to contact and which companies to get help from, and what information is required before you can place an implant. 

Lorenzo Pelizzari – Ultimate aesthetics – connected solutions from prepping to rechecking

In this lecture, Lorenzo will show work solutions and connected workflows that will greatly simplify daily work processes to meet customers’ expectations. 

Lorenzo will focus on real patient cases treated with the innovative Prettau Skin veneers and will explain innovative working methods and technologies for achieving a high degree of customisation and aesthetics based on the 3D virtual reproduction of the patient’s physiognomy and oral situation. 

Claudio Massoli – Beyond Botox and fillers: the new facial aesthetics revolution you can’t afford to ignore!

Join Claudio on an exciting journey beyond Botox and fillers, revealing a revolution that you simply cannot afford to ignore.  

For those who have not yet incorporated facial aesthetics into their practice, Claudio will demonstrate the immense untapped potential and countless opportunities ahead. By offering these treatments, you can elevate your dental practice to new heights, expanding your patient base.  

Even if you’re already offering injectable treatments, Claudio will show you how Rejuv Aesthetics’ cutting-edge products help bring out the natural beauty of your clients. Designed to reawaken natural collagen and elastin, its devices transform the texture and tonality of your clients’ skin, providing truly remarkable results.  

Join Claudio on this journey of discovery, as he explores the limitless possibilities of facial aesthetics and the significant impact it can have on your patients’ lives and your practice’s success. 

Stuart Aherne – Considerations for extractions on the approach to implant therapy

Extraction is the first step in most implant therapies and whether a dentist is going to be involved in the implant treatment or not, it is important that they understand the decision pathway that needs to be considered before any tooth is extracted. 

This presentation by Stuart will cover the decision pathway as well different techniques that can be provided at this stage to produce the paramount outcome for the finalised treatment.

Tony Aherne – Soft tissues around single tooth implants

With changing expectations for dental treatment, aesthetics has become a fundamental component in defining successful rehabilitation with dental implants. 

The durability of the gingival contours, as well as the colour of the adjoining tissues, are critical for the long-term maintenance of successful treatment outcomes. In this lecture, Tony will discuss all of the influencing factors, including the stability of the interface, implant materials, bone and soft tissue augmentation, as well as patient biology. 


With more lectures to be confirmed, including talks from Michael Crilly, Sally Simpson and more, don’t miss out on what’s sure to be Ireland’s major dental event for 2023!

Register for your free place at The Irish Dentistry Awards will also be taking place on the evening of Saturday 9 September 2023 at Clontarf Castle in Dublin. Visit for more.