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Features / June 21, 2022

Rachel Derby wins at the awards

by Guy Hiscott

Julian English caught up with Rachel Derby about her awards win at the Dentistry Awards 2021

How does it feel to have won a Dentistry award?

It’s such an amazing feeling to have won.

To be honest, I’m still in shock as the calibre of the finalists was so high.

Also, it’s lovely to still be recognised as ‘young’, I’ll be riding that wave for a while.

How did it feel when your name was announced?

Unfortunately I couldn’t make the awards, so my friend messaged me that I had won.

I was incredibly surprised, my husband gave me a massive hug and then we opened up a bottle fizz so celebrate.

What do you think have been the main benefits of entering the awards?

It has made me a much more focused clinician and has really improved my photography skills which in turn has allowed me to assess and improve my clinical work.

Ultimately this has benefited my patients.

Have you entered before?

No, this was my first time.

What do you think the Dentistry Awards are doing to standards within the profession?

I believe that the Dentistry Awards are raising standards and recognising and rewarding hard work.

This is incredibly important for the profession especially after the difficulties of the last 21 months. 

How are you coping with lockdown and this COVID-19 crisis?

I gave birth two weeks before we went into the first national lockdown.

My life was completely turned upside down with the arrival of our daughter that everything else was secondary to her.

It was lovely having my husband at home for three months and being in our family bubble.

I’m aware that my experience of lockdown and COVID-19 is very different to most peoples’ and that I have been very fortunate. 

What advice with you give people who are thinking of entering the awards?

Don’t overthink it and just do it.

You will not regret it.

Will you be entering the awards again next year?

I hope so.