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News / March 23, 2021

Vaccination programme guidance issued for dentists

by Siobhan Hiscott

vaccine guidanceOn 10 March 2021, the Dental Council issued guidance for dentists wishing to become vaccinators of the COVID-19 vaccine. Here is the guidance in full.

‘The Dental Council welcomes the signing of regulation SI 81 of 2021 by the Minister for Health which allows dentists to take part in the national COVID-19 vaccination programme as vaccinators.

Many dentists have contacted us enquiring about assisting the national vaccination programme. The Dental Council recognises that the dentists can contribute significantly to this important public health initiative.

As required under the regulation, the HSE has consulted with the Dental Council. They have consulted the Dental Council in regard to the training required to administer the vaccine. The Dental Council is satisfied that the training package is comprehensive enough to equip dentists with the knowledge necessary to participate.

Becoming vaccinators

The HSE has launched its COVID-19 Vaccinator Recruitment Initiative with the support of Cpl Healthcare. Full information on this campaign including the application process, salary, hours, location, and other information is available at

Ethical guidance to dentists administering vaccinations

The Dental Council offers the following guidance to dentists participating in the vaccination programme in addition to your obligations in the Code of Practice regarding Professional Behaviour and Ethical Conduct. Your core ethical obligation is that you should be competent to provide treatment safely and to a satisfactory standard. If you participate in the programme you should:

  1. Complete the HSE approved training package
  2. Satisfy yourself that you are competent to administer the vaccine
  3. Be aware of the product characteristics and contra indications for the vaccine concerned and be competent to deal with a medical emergency, including anaphylaxis
  4. Inform your indemnity provider.

Your professional judgement remains key and you should follow your professional judgement and assess risks when deciding on the best care for your patients.’

Visit for more details.