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News / March 16, 2021

The International Dermatology Aesthetic Surgery Summit (i-DASS): a synergy of science and aesthetic medicine

by Gaby Bissett

Relife Ireland, a new division of the Menarini Pharmaceutical Group, expands on its existing dermatology portfolio by bringing an evidence-based and scientific approach to aesthetic medicine

Relife Ireland is proud to host The International Dermatology Aesthetic Surgery Summit (i-DASS) on Saturday March 20th 2021. Dental practitioners with an interest in dermatology and aesthetic medicine are invited to attend this free virtual event.

It will feature a series of scientifically-focused educational and training sessions given by national and international experts on the theme of ‘New Concepts in Fillers and Threads: A Three-Dimensional, Combined Approach to Facial Restoration.’

To register for this event, please go to

The Menarini Pharmaceutical Group and the Relife story

Headquartered in Florence, Italy, the Menarini Pharmaceutical Group is the leading Italian pharmaceutical company globally. It has commercial operations in more than 100 countries, supported by 16 manufacturing sites distributed worldwide.

The Menarini Group first established its presence in Ireland in 1999. Since then, the company has become integral to the delivery of patient-centric healthcare solutions that address key medical needs across several therapeutic areas. This includes cardiology, respiratory care, analgesia, anti-allergy and anti-infective medications.

In 2019, Menarini Ireland launched Relife, a subsidiary dedicated to providing dermatology solutions, such as the Relizema and U-Life ranges, for healthcare professionals (HCPs) in managing a range of skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, dry and sensitive skin and hyperkeratosis.

More recently, Relife has built upon the success of it its dermatology portfolio by launching its aesthetic medicine portfolio. This portfolio consists of a range of scientifically-supported products which can help HCPs to deliver aesthetic solutions that meet the needs of their patients.

The Relife aesthetic portfolio

Currently, the Relife aesthetics portfolio consists of five product ranges each of which are available in Ireland. These are: (1) the Definisse Filler range (Restore), a hyaluronic acid dermal filler used for the correction of deep wrinkles, restoration of volume and redefinition of facial contours; (2) the Definisse Peel Program (Resurface), a bespoke, multi-level skin resurfacing chemical peel programme dedicated to the needs of different skin types in range of indications; (3) the Definisse Hydrobooster (Reboost) for skin restoration and revitalisation; (4) the Pigment Solution Program (Retone), and (5) Definisse Threads (Reshape), which are monofilament threads that are class III surgical medical devices of absorbable synthetic origin.

The International Dermatology Aesthetic Surgery Summit (i-DASS)

Collectively, these products underpin Relife’s unique ‘5R Approach’ (Restore, Resurface, Reboost, Retone and Reshape), to aesthetic medicine which combines existing medical expertise with training and effective, evidence-based therapies.

Commitment to continual medical education in aesthetic medicine

Providing HCPs with the in-depth knowledge, training and product information is integral to Relife’s dermatology and aesthetics medicine portfolio. Hands-on training is designed to give customers the confidence to use Relife’s products safely and comprises anatomical learning, product demonstration and procedural supervision, and advanced training with the possibility of future ‘train the trainer’ sessions.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has limited hands-on training sessions for now, Relife has embraced online technologies. It offers opportunities to HCPs to register for education and training via its Relife Innovation and Consciousness in Medical Education platform (Relife-ICme,*). This platform hosts international webinars, training events, pre-recorded procedures and information on the Relife product range.

In 2018, Relife established the International Dermatology Aesthetic Surgery Summit (i-DASS) to promote knowledge in the field of medical dermatology and aesthetic medicine to HCPs. i-DASS is a global scientific symposium for ongoing medical education. It is designed to provide an insight into the innovation that the Relife group provides to its customers.

This symposium has been previously held in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as Italy. On Saturday March 20th i-DASS will be hosted as for the first time in Ireland as a fully virtual event.

The i-DASS Ireland 2021 virtual summit

The theme of i-DASS 2021 is ‘New Concepts in Fillers and Threads: A Three-Dimensional, Combined Approach to Facial Restoration.’ It will involve contributions from both national and international experts. This year’s summit is aimed towards HCPs including dentists with an interest in dermatology and aesthetics medicines who are looking to expand their knowledge or gain new experience in this field of medicine.

Among the topics discussed at i-DASS 2021 are medical aesthetic procedures and insights used for the lips, perioral and mid face areas, multi-modality approaches in inhibiting melanogenesis, and how to combine filler and threads for a complete facial redefinition.

This programme will outline Relife’s ‘5R Approach’ to aesthetic medicine and will feature pre-recorded demonstrations of the Definisse product range from leading national cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, and consultant ophthalmologists.

Relife product training: a major differentiator

Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick, an aesthetic doctor at the Natural Look Clinic, Dublin. He will demonstrate the Definisse Filler Range at this month’s i-DASS. He has emphasised the importance of training and educating HCPs from an aesthetic and scientific perspective.

‘Relife’s training platform for its Definisse Fillers and Definisse Peel Programme is what distinguishes them from others in the aesthetic world,’ he said.

‘The Definisse Peel Programme is very straightforward to use. What really sets Relife apart is the training and the detail they go into. They begin with anatomical learning and then use data from scientific studies to support their products and approach.

‘When we did the training, there were a number of very experienced HCPs involved. They brought their own research and insights into the use of dermal peels to the training sessions, which was hugely valuable. There’s a strong scientific base for the indications of Relife’s aesthetic products. Clinicians training on them can clearly understand how best to administer these products for our patients.

‘In my experience, patients are very satisfied with the results that they are getting. I think peels went out of fashion for some time and the focus switched towards botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. However, I think we are now starting to move away from this approach. Today, our approach is about taking a step back and looking at the patient as a whole.

‘We now look at the skin first, then examine the underlying soft tissue tissues. This really explains Relife’s approach…..they step back and look at the anatomy and physiology of the patient in a holistic fashion.

‘Their product range addresses the resurfacing of the skin with the Definisse peel, rehydrating the derma with the Definisse Hydroboosters and then addressing the soft tissue with the Pigment Solution Program and Definisse Threads.’

Relife Definisse: Elegant and minimally invasive

Dr Janice Brady is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Waterford Regional and Eye and Face Clinic, in Waterford City. She says RELIFE’s aesthetic range of products allows her to take a ‘multidimensional’ approach to her work.

‘The great advantage of the Relife Definisse range is that it provides a complete arsenal of aesthetic treatments. From targeted peels and premium cross-linked fillers to innovative thread technology.

‘Personally, I have been delighted with the results achieved. It allows me to offer a holistic and also multidimensional approach to facial redefinition.

‘I am an ophthalmic surgeon with a particular interest in the delicate and challenging periocular area. I get synergistic results by combining treatments. This includes peels, anti-wrinkle injections, skin boosters – such as Definisse Hydrobooster – and tear trough reshaping with Definisse Filler range.

‘Definisse Threads have transformed my approach to lower face treatment, affording me an elegant and minimally invasive solution for laxity. As with all lifting technology this must be combined with judicious use of filler to restore lost volume.

‘The technology behind Relife’s Definisse range is innovative, evidence-based and adherence to the highest scientific standards.

‘I am so excited to be involved in the launch of this range in Ireland. I look forward to a productive and insightful meeting.’

Innovative products

Mr Fergus Gallagher is the Head of Aesthetic Medicine at Relife Ireland. He believes one of Relife’s core aims is to provide HCPs with the training and education required in order to respond to their patients’ desires on an aesthetic front.

‘Aesthetic medicine as a medical discipline is growing and evolving at a rapid rate in Ireland. Given this, there is a real need to train HCPs from a scientific and medical perspective”, said Mr Gallagher.

‘This means working closely with experts in the area in order to develop conscious innovation and training that will meet the needs of patients who remain at the centre of everything we do. We see i-DASS 2021 as an ideal opportunity to better support HCPs including dental practitioners who are already in the aesthetic space or planning to get into the area.

‘Furthermore, we believe that i-DASS 2021 will showcase Ireland as a new emerging centre for aesthetic medicine. If you are dental practitioner who is interested in attending i-DASS, [;ease visit We would delighted to hear from you.’

Sign up to i-DASS visit

You can also download the full i-DASS agenda here.

If you are interested in the products or getting more information about anything in the article please get in touch with Relife by emailing

Dr. Sean Fitzpatrick and Dr. Janice Brady are both lead trainers with the Relife ICme training initiative.

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