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News / March 11, 2021

Just 24 hours of bad oral hygiene can lead to complications

by Gaby Bissett

Researchers found that just 24 to 72 hours of interrupted oral health can lead to a drop in ‘good bacteria’ in the mouth

Researchers found that just 24 to 72 hours of interrupted oral health can lead to a drop in ‘good bacteria’ in the mouth.

Poor oral hygiene produces bacteria that causes gum disease and accelerates the ageing of the oral microbiome.

In a new study, participants were instructed to carry out optimal oral health regimes for three weeks. The order was to help reduce gingivitis and set a healthy baseline for the study.

Genetic analyses was performed on the bacterial population in the participants’ gums as it changed.

Additionally, chemical analyses of the molecules produced by the bacteria were performed. Immune responses of the study participants were also recorded.

Results revealed there was a significant reduction in the presence of betaine. This was reported to play an anti-inflammatory role in inflammatory diseases.

Spike in ‘bad bacteria’

Similarly, while the presence of ‘good bacteria’ declined, there was a significant rise in ‘bad bacteria’.

This included the presence of types of bacteria associated with patients suffering from periodontitis. However, there were no signs or symptoms of the illness at that point.

Additionally, the team concluded that the oral microbiome aged the equivalent of around one whole year in less than a month.

The research was carried out at the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT).

‘After only 28 days of gingivitis, we found the study participants had the “oral microbial age” of those a year older,’ said Huang Shi, one investigator leading this study.

Xu Jian is director of Single-Cell Center at QIBEBT and senior author of the study. ‘We also found a sudden “ageing” of the bacteria in the mouth,’ he said.

‘Their oral microbiome had aged the equivalent of about a year in less than a month.’