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News / June 23, 2020

ISDH to host webinar on preventing combat and compassion fatigue

by Gaby Bissett

The ISDH is hosting a webinar to aid the mental health of the professionThe Irish Society for Disability and Oral Health (ISDH) is hosting a webinar to help improve the wellbeing of the profession. 

The event – titled ‘training the muscle of resilience: preventing combat & compassion fatigue in special care dentistry using resilience’ – will take place on Thursday 25th June at 8pm.

Sponsored by GSK, the webinar will be run by Dr Mahrukh Khwaja. She is a dentist based in Kent, with a dual degree in psychology and accreditation in mindfulness and resilience teaching.

Reduce stress, enhance positivity

The webinar outcomes include:

  • Understanding the role of combat and compassion fatigue in special care dentistry
  • Outlining our current understanding of the aetiology and protective factors of resilience and its relevance to special care dentistry
  • Understanding how psychological interventions can benefit us
  • Applying positive emotions to buffer against stress; mindfulness to enhance self awareness and emotional regulation; thinking strategies to counteract negative thoughts

The event will take place on Zoom and registration is free.

Click here to get involved.