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Features / March 10, 2020

Boyne Dental in the heart of Navan

by Seb Evans

Boyne Dental explains why it is the referral centre of choice north and west of Dublin.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our patient care and our efficient and open communication with our referring dentists. We have long established relationships with dentists within 100km radius of our practice.

Located in the heart of Navan, we are an ideally situated referral practice with superb roads linking us to many neighbouring counties making us a great location for practices in the region to refer patients to. We currently have practices referring to us from North and West Dublin, Louth, Newry, Cavan, all over Meath and Westmeath.

Testament to our relationship within the dental industry, we have many other dentists from other clinics attending as patients. Dentists can forward on referrals through traditional methods, i.e. post or email or they can do so through our website. This makes the referral process much faster and our treatment co-ordinators can begin the process of contacting referral patients as soon as they come in through our system ensuring that all referral patients are treated much more efficiently. We ensure our referral practices that we will complete the relevant dental work to the best of our ability and return their patients back to the care of their own dentist for either completion of treatment or for all other work.

Dr Brian Vaughan completed his MSc in Endodontics from Kings University in London in 2018 and over the past number of years has limited his practice to endodontics. Brian spends Tuesday’s and Friday’s in Boyne Dental treating all root canal referral patients.

What makes us different?

We have dedicated treatment coordinators for each of our clinician’s to liaise with referring practices. Boyne Dental has also invested in a G6 LED global dental microscope to provide microscope enhanced dentistry. For clinicians who cannot offer crown in-house, we can also offer this as part of the referring treatment as we have a Sirona Cerec 3D milling unit.

New and existing referring dentists can send referral patients through our online portal. We believe we are unique in our approach and we have tailored our services to other practices knowing that their patients will return to them having had their treatment completed in a professional manner. This, we believe is at the forefront of what is currently offered by the industry.

We commit to treating referral patients as if they were our own. We offer a personalised approach and we will spend time getting to know the referring dentist and personally assure them of a solution to their patients clinical problem so that they can retain the existing relationship with their patients.

Case study

A 46-year-old female patient was referred to Brian by her GDP for root canal treatment of her UL6 (pictured below). The diagnosis was chronic apical abscess with palatal sinus. Root canal treatment was carried out over two visits. The palatal sinus had fully healed after the first appointment and four canals were successfully obturated and a restoration placed. The patient returned a month later complaining of intermittent pain from her upper left quadrant. A limited volume CBCT scan was taken to assess the obturation and to investigate for signs of a vertical fracture. Nothing abnormal was observed. Clinically the muscles of mastication were tender and there were signs of a parafunctional habit. A review and CBCT were carried out eight months post obturation and the apical radiolucencies had healed.

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