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News / July 1, 2019

Loss of trained dentists in Ireland impacting waiting lists

by Siobhan Hiscott

Concerns have been raised over Ireland losing dentists it has trained to other countries through a lack of dental specialist training in the country.

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland warned that this is impacting on resources and resulting in long waiting lists for treatment.

Fine Gael’s Kate O’Connell has voiced concern at the high level of children waiting on dental treatment. She highlighted that children with dental caries are often prescribed antibiotics while they wait for treatment.

‘The waiting list is so long for treatment children can be on a continuous dose of antibiotics – I have seen cases of children on antibiotics for over a year,’ she said.

She added that she is concerned about children taking antibiotics over a long period of time, stating that some are spending a ‘huge portion of their young life on antibiotics’, but if they got treatment they might not need antibiotics at all, she said.