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Features / April 16, 2019

Biomin signs Ireland distribution agreement

by Siobhan Hiscott

Biomin Technologies Ltd, manufacturer of the remineralising toothpastes Biomin F and Biomin C, has signed a distribution agreement with Burbel to supply the product in the Republic of Ireland. Sales to clinicians and the public will commence this month.

Signing the contract on behalf of Burbel at the IDS event in Cologne, Dr Anne O’Donnell, who is a dentist at Mullingar Dental Centre, Co Westmeath, said: ‘We are delighted to become the distributors of Biomin in Ireland and to tell the Biomin story.’

She added: ‘As a dentist, I have used and recommended Biomin to our patients with great results. It is very effective for sensitivity, and our hygienist has had great results using it pre- and post-hygiene visits to provide a pain-free hygiene experience. It is also effective against decay, which sadly is still a huge problem here in Ireland.

‘We will be working with dentists, hygienists and pharmacies to educate them about Biomin and to offer it for sale,’ she said.

Biomin was extremely well received at the IDS exhibition, where the team was able to introduce the toothpaste to European dental clinicians and give them samples.

Richard Whatley, CEO of Biomin Technologies, was delighted at the response to the product. ‘We have been meeting with Biomin’s distribution partners from all over the world and learning of the very positive feedback from their dentist and hygienist customers about the performance of Biomin toothpaste,’ he said. ‘We have also been meeting potential new distribution partners for those countries where Biomin is not yet available, such as in Scandinavia, North Africa and parts of Eastern Europe.’

Added extras

Further applications of Biomin’s pioneering bioactive glass technology were also discussed with manufacturers. ‘We have been discussing the possibilities of including the remineralising qualities of Biomin into professional dental materials with some of the world’s leading manufacturers,’ said Richard. ‘These are exciting prospects that will hopefully lead to innovative preventive/restorative products with significant clinical advantages in the not too distant future.’

Formerly Alldent Ltd, supplying gloves and burs since 2006, Burbel is owned by Dr O’Donnell and her husband Shane, who comes from a pharmacy background. Now joined in the company by their son and daughter, they have rebranded to Burbel to reflect a modern approach with a move towards online sales, while still providing premium products and advice to dental customers.

For further information about Biomin, contact Burbel on +353 (0) 53 91 72111 or visit