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News / April 3, 2019

Irish dentist takes the lead at dental trauma association

by Siobhan Hiscott

Anne O’Connell has been elected president of the International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT).

In addition to maintaining a private practice limited to paediatric dentistry in Sandycove, Co Dublin, Anne is head of paediatric dentistry and director of the postgraduate paediatric dentistry programme in Trinity College, Dublin.

She is board certified in paediatric dentistry and holds a Fellowship in Dental Traumatology and is a Fellow of AAPD.

Her interest has always included dental trauma, especially in the growing child. 

Dental injuries in a growing child can particularly complex and management is often long term and multidisciplinary. 

The IADT’s mission is to ‘promote optimal prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up services to individuals of all ages following a traumatic dental injury’.

It seeks to engage the lay public, sporting organisations, dental and medical colleagues to educate and prevent injuries where possible. 

It also seeks to update and educate professionals on recent developments within dental traumatology.

The next world congress on dental traumatology will take place in Lisbon, June 2020.

More information is available through the IADT website,