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News / October 5, 2018

Leading dentist says ‘failure matters’ at Dublin meeting

by Guy Hiscott

A leading dentist spoke on optimal aesthetics in implant dentistry at the recent Irish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (IAAD) meeting in Dublin on 29 September.

Speaking to Irish Dentistry, Dr Ueli Grunder said: ‘Mistakes are how you learn, but nowadays it’s a lot harder for young dentists to make those mistakes. The biggest thing I learned in my career is that if you have a failure, communicate it, and correct it immediately.’

Dr Grunder looked at how to achieve optimal aesthetics in implant dentistry, and offered a step-by-step treatment strategy.

‘I hope delegates will take away the smaller details in today’s presentation, the ones that can make a difference between failure and success.

‘Concept is one thing, and normally, dentists should not change the concept if it has been successful. But it’s all about the details, and if delegates can pick up one or two things from today then the meeting has been a success.’

Trained by Professor Peter Scharer of University of Zurich, who also trained many well-known leaders in aesthetic dentistry, Dr Grunder’s presentation challenged many in the audience working in implants and aesthetics to look at advanced cases – both the success and the failures.

‘We have to understand our biological limitations,’ explained Dr Grunder, when it comes to managing and balancing patients’ expectations. He added that ‘the most important part’ of treatment is examining the case at the start.

‘Never promise your patient the perfect result,’ he concluded.

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