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News / May 3, 2017

Dental Act update shows ‘positive’ step forward

by Guy Hiscott

Irish Regulation Debate campaign logo 2At a recent meeting held by the Department of Health, it stated that the Dental Council will have the authority to determine which classes of allied dental health professionals will be subject to mandatory registration and fitness to practise.

The Department added that this determination will be based on a ‘comprehensive risk assessment’.

Concerns had been raised following the Department’s initial proposal that only those allied dental professionals who practice independently would be made to register.

This sparked debate among dental hygienists in particular, who do not currently practice independently.

On the back of this, Irish Dentistry launched a campaign last year to raise awareness of this issue as part of its Regulation Debate.

In response to this recent update, a spokesperson from the Dental Council said: ‘We are aware of the new proposals from the department and the decoupling registration from independent practice it is a positive proposal.

‘The transitionary arrangements will be very important and the council looks forward to working with the department on resolving these in advance of the new Dental Act.’