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News / April 24, 2015

Dublin orthodontist treats Invisalign winner

by Guy Hiscott

Dublin orthodontist Dr Michael Ryan has been at the helm of treating 26-year-old Jessica Daly achieve the ‘smile of her dreams with Invisalign’.

The Mailonline and Invisalign collaborated in a competition to transform someone’s teeth into the ‘smile of their dreams’.

Jessica began her treatment seven months ago after undertaking research into teeth straightening and discovering that she did not want highly visible wire and bracket braces.

‘I had always known that I didn’t want traditional “train-tracks”, and had read a lot of reviews about orthodontic treatments,’ she said. ‘I had decided that if I were ever to straighten my teeth Invisalign was the only treatment I would want as its virtually invisible and so I wouldn’t draw attention to my teeth.

‘I didn’t think I would win the competition, but was delighted that I did! I’m now on the way to achieving the straight teeth I have always dreamed of!’

jess 2
Jessica before her orthodontic treatment

Surprise on the way

Shortly after embarking on her treatment, Jessica found out that she was expecting her first child. Severe morning sickness slowed Jessica’s progress.

Dr Ryan explains: ‘Severe sickness has meant that for the early stages of her pregnancy Jessica struggled to wear her aligners for the recommended 18-20 hours per day; the result has been that progress had stalled.

‘The sickness has now subsided and we are now back on the road to achieving the desired results. Jessica is so motivated to straighten her teeth it will be plain sailing from now on and her Invisalign treatment will really make a big difference to her smile.’

Jessica is still on her Invisalign journey – the results of which are due to appear next year.