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Features / April 14, 2014

Dublin event shows dentists new concepts

by Guy Hiscott

Specialists and practitioners joined The Northumberland Institute on 9 April to hear Dr Johnny Walker speak on his latest initiative, ‘Building a new world model of patient empowerment’.

Dr Anne O’Donoghue, clinical director at the Northumberland Institute, introduced and explained the context for and importance of Dr Walker’s new invention, ‘Jinga Life’, and how it relates to dentists’ future treatment of patients.

Dr Walker’s lecture focused on his in-depth research and 20 years’ experience that led him to his latest invention.

Commenting on the event, Dr Walker said: ‘Never has there been a more compelling need and never before have we had the technological tools to engage, embrace and empower the true custodian of healthcare – the Jinga.’

In attendance at the event were Dr Aisling McChesney, Dr John Hogan, Dr Dennis Daly, Dr Aengus Kelly, Professor Brian O’Donnell, Dr Michael Carey, Dr Gary Heavey, Dr Orla McGeary and Dr Patricia Kennedy.

Jinga Life is a mobile, digital, 24/7 home-based and personalised health solution, aimed at empowering and enabling women at the centre of her family’s healthcare needs.

Dr Walker founded Global Diagnostics in 1995. It now provides diagnostic imaging to over 500,000 patients in Ireland, the UK and Australia. To find out more about The Northumberland Institute’s future events, visit the website.

Image: Dr Anne O’Donoghue and Dr Johnny Walker at the event

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