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News / April 11, 2014

Colgate battles caries with new technology

by Guy Hiscott

Colgate chose the 2014 British Dental Conference and Exhibition to introduce a groundbreaking new step in the fight against caries – the Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology.

Colgate held a preview event to introduce the Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology prior to the scientific symposium in the conference programme, ‘New strategies for caries prevention’.

Dr Fotinos Panagakos, global director for scientific affairs for Colgate, outlined Colgate’s commitment to population improvement in oral health through ongoing research and development.

He said that he considered the new Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology to be the next significant innovation in the fight against caries.

Dr Panagakos then invited the audience to attend his scientific symposium at the conference, stating: ‘This technology is intended to compliment the role of fluoride in daily toothpaste, providing a significant and proven advancement in everyday cavity protection for families.’

Dr Panagakos will deliver his presentation on the new technology on 11 April at the 2014 British Dental Conference and Exhibition.

The 2014 British Dental Conference and Exhibition is taking place at the Manchester Central Convention Complex in Manchester, between 10 and 12 April 2014.

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Image: Dr Fotinos Panagakos introducing the first Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology