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News / December 20, 2013

New report sheds light on Irish dental public health service

by Guy Hiscott

The number of staff employed in the dental profession in Ireland has not dwindled since 2007, according to a report by the Department of Health.

However, the figures show that the number of people employed in Ireland’s public health service now stands at 100,000 – the lowest level since 2004. The number of staff employed in the public health service has been gradually declining since 2007.

The data also shows that dental treatment under the medical card scheme rose by 12% between 2003 and 2012, with a 71.6% increase in the number of people being treated.

The findings were published in the Department of Health’s sixth reference guide, Health in Ireland: Key Trends in 2013, and encompassed population and health status, as well as trends in service provision.

The minister for health, James Reilly TD, welcomed the publication. He said: ‘The 2013 edition of Health in Ireland: Key Trends outlines the progress we have made despite the significant challenges we face. It is vital that we continue to collect good data in order to make better policy decisions. This publication illustrates that better health care continues to contribute significantly to better outcomes and gains in life expectancy.’

‘In an economic climate where resources will be severely constrained, improved efficiency, effectiveness and equity at all levels of the health services will be essential in successfully managing these demands.’