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News / November 22, 2013

Handpiece maintenance key to cutting costs

by Guy Hiscott

Irish practices could easily save hundreds of Euros with just a small change to the way they maintain their handpieces, a leading County Fermanagh dentist has claimed.
James Hamill, principal of the award-winning Blueapple Dental & Implant Team, argues that proper handpiece maintenance could have a massive impact on practices’ costs.
James is also a director of the new handpiece repair company Quintess Denta, which has opened his eyes to the problems poor lubrication technique can cause.
He explained: ‘The vast majority – 80% – of the problems we see at Quintess are down to people not flushing dirt out from their handpieces properly.
‘They either don’t flush they system for long enough, or they use the wrong adaptor for their handpiece. Even something as simple as tilting the can when spraying can cause problems.
‘It’s amazing what a difference simply oiling your handpiece correctly can make to your repair bills.’
Although Quintess Denta is a handpiece repair company, its newest product is designed to help practices reduce their repair bills.
The €99 (£99) Easyoil is a simple device designed to reduce user error and ensure handpieces are properly lubricated every time. For more information visit Quintess Denta’s website.