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News / June 25, 2013

Dental Sky

by Guy Hiscott

Dental Sky is proud to report that the ‘Dental Advisor’ has rated its R and S Diamond burs very highly. With positive comments such as ‘can prepare several teeth with one bur’ and ‘nice assortment of shapes’ and ‘good bulk reduction with the coarse grit’, Dental Sky says that the report shows 90% of advisors would recommend R and S Diamond burs to their colleagues.
With such positive feedback, dentists will find R and S Diamond burs are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes, in five conveniently colour-coded grits for simple identification. It is available in packs of five burs, presented in a plastic box with a clear sliding top for easy selection and classification.
The cutting efficiency and durability of the burs were features that the consultants appreciated. Several noted that the R and S Diamond burs lasted longer and cut better than other burs they had used, making them very cost effective.
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