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News / April 29, 2013

GDP implant restoration revolution accelerates

by Guy Hiscott

For general dental practitioners with patients who have lost any or all of their natural teeth, it is now even easier to get directly involved withproviding implant treatment. 
Access tofree dental implant restoration training has been boosted, with many more local events, additional surgery partners and stronger support around the UK. Following the establishment of Dentsply Implants, the ‘R£lax’ GDP restoration programme has been expanded to include dentists who use the Astra Tech Implant System, alongside those placing Ankylos and Xive implants.
Most dentists can now help their own patients eat, talk, laugh and smile with asmuch confidence as having their natural teeth. Joining the rapidly growing multi-million pound dental implant business can expand income options and strengthen practice reputations. The acceleration of the Dentsply Implants ‘R£lax’ programme is enabling more general practitioners to start learning to restore dental implants for their own patients. Training, support and a mini prosthetics kit are provided free as part of this UK-wide initiative.