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News / April 18, 2013


by Guy Hiscott

Findings from the US have confirmed what dentists have been telling patients for years – that using mouthwash on top of a regular tooth brushing regime is much more effective than brushing alone.
The study, published in General Dentistry, found that using a germ-killing mouthwash twice a day in addition to regular brushing, can significantly reduce plaque formation and gingivitis.
Plaque formation was reduced by 26.3% in patients using a germ-killing mouthwash compared to those using a placebo. Gingivitis was reduced by 20.4% in the same group.
‘It’s simple,’ said Christine A Charles, lead author of the study. ‘Mouthrinses can reach nearly 100% of the mouth’s surfaces, while brushing focuses on the teeth, which make up only 25% of the mouth.’