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News / April 2, 2012

Irish practices escape music royalties bill

by Guy Hiscott

Dentists will not have to pay royalties to broadcast music in their practices, according to new rulings from the European Court of Justice (ECJ).
The ECJ ruled that dental surgeries do not broadcast music for profit, and have a limited audience that means they are not broadcasting to the public.
This stands in contrasts to hotels, which are now deemed public places – casting down an exemption previously granted by the Irish Government.
The Irish Dental Association has welcomed the ruling, saying it could save some dentists up to €800 a year.
‘Some dentists with a large set-up are paying €700 to €800 a year if they have broadcasts in the waiting room and a few surgeries, so this will be very welcome,’ said IDA chief executive Fintan Hourihan.
The ruling comes after an Irish collecting agency, Phonographic Performance (Ireland) had complained to the ECJ about the exemption for hotels.