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News / February 24, 2012

Coordinated post build ups

by Guy Hiscott

Rebilda Post is a component of a complete, coordinated post build-up system. The glass-fibre reinforced, composite endodontic post with dentine-like elasticity, anchored using the adhesive technique, leads to a durable and esthetic, high quality, metal-free restoration. The cylindrical-conical geometry corresponds to theanatomical progression of the tooth root.
As with Rebilda DC core build-up material, the new endodontic post consists of a dimethacrylate matrix, so that a reliable bond is achieved under the build-up of a stable mono-block. With Futurabond DC, a secure bond to the dentine is also achieved in a simple, time saving application.
Rebilda Post is available in three sizes (1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm) with the corresponding drills in both an endodontic intro set and a complete system, which is designed for 15 post-endodontic treatments.
The endodontic post complete set from Voco increases the clinical safety, since all of the components are coordinated and at hand when a post-endodontic treatment is required.
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