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News / February 17, 2012

Excellent access

by Guy Hiscott

Use: Tepe Angle is an easy-to-use interdental brush developed for excellent access to all interdental spaces.
USP: Tepe Angle is the new addition to the popular family of Tepe interdental brushes, now offering a longer handle and a choice of angles and texture.
Special features: The slender brush head is angled for easy reach in difficult-to-reach areas. It is perfect for use between the back teeth and from the inside. The long and flat handle, which is made from recyclable polypropylene, provides a stable, ergonomic grip, making it easy to manage.
Extras: To fit narrow as well as wide interdental spaces, Tepe Angle is available in six colour-coded sizes. All sizes come with plastic coated wire for safe use.
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