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News / February 17, 2012

Clearly effective

by Guy Hiscott

Grandtec is a glass fibre strand that consists of multiple, densely packed, parallel running glass fibres impregnated with a light-curing resin. Grandtec can be shaped before polymerisation, cured with conventional polymerisation devices and is compatible with all standard, light-curing composites and flowables.
The glass fibres coalesce with the composite used during polymerisation, wherein a flowable is used for the first layer on the glass fibre and its attachment to the tooth. Due to the impregnated resin, wetting of the fibre strands with a bond is avoided. Occurring chewing loads are evenly distributed in the restoration by the chemical coalescence of glass fibres and composite. This improves the transverse strength and leads to higher fracture resistance of the restoration. Grandtec can be used in orthodontics, periodontics, traumatology, conservative dentistry and prosthodontics.
The Grandtec test kit includes five glass fibre strands, a practice model, application aids, two syringes Grandio SO Heavy Flow A3 and accessories.
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