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News / August 31, 2011

Fresh breath and a confident smile

by Guy Hiscott

The new Pro-Expert toothpaste from Oral-B delivers protection against gum problems, plaque, caries, calculus formation, erosion and dentinal hypersensitivity, and has been shown to reduce oral malodour due to its antibacterial activity and capture of breath malodour molecules.

Breath malodour results from volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) produced by certain bacteria, particularly residing on the tongue. Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste uses the stannous fluoride to fight the bacteria that produce VSCs by eliminating them and inhibiting their metabolism. Stannous fluoride complex can also capture the VSCs produced by the bacteria and make them odourless. By inhibiting plaque growth and bacterial adhesion, stannous fluoride helps prevent the build-up of microbes that are known to exacerbate oral malodour.

The overall benefits of good oral health promoted by use of new Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste are further enhanced by fresh breath and a confident smile.

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