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News / June 22, 2011

Dental association presses for X-ray action

by Guy Hiscott

Leaders of European dental supplier organisations representing 18 European countries have met with MEPs in Strasbourg to press for action on the draft X-ray protection directive, along with other key concerns affecting the industry.

At a business meeting, organised by the Association of Dental Dealers in Europe (ADDE) during a European Parliament session, MEPs were told of current activities in the dental sector and discussed common concerns, including:
• The forthcoming Medical Device Directive Recast
• The challenges around gaining a common Unique Product Identifier (e-labelling)
• The guarantee and warranty responsibilities of member companies.

The MEPs and industry and trade leaders agreed to continue building stronger links between those drafting legislation and those in the primary care dental setting who enact them.

Dr Thomas Elmer (MEP Germany) said: ‘The X-ray imaging by dentists or radiologists is now a concern to be discussed with the dental actors involved.’

Dominique Deschietere, president of the ADDE, commented: ‘This is the second in a successful series of meetings that are building a constructive dialogue between European politicians and representatives of the dental suppliers’ organisations.’

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