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News / May 3, 2011

Ireland tops price survey for dentistry

by Guy Hiscott

The Global Health and Dental Price Index, published by Avantis Health, shows that savings of up to 70% can be made on elective treatment by shopping around in Europe.

Launching the bi-annual initiative, Avantis health director, Orla Fahy said: ‘The Avantis Health Global Health and Dental Price Index will show Irish patients that they can make significant savings on their health and dental care, by merely shopping around in Ireland.’

Ms Fahy added: ‘Our research comparing prices in Ireland shows significant variation between treatment providers.’

It is reported that the average cost of a tooth extraction in Ireland is €90. The next most expensive country was found to be Portugal, where an extraction was calculated to cost an average of €82.

The cheapest country in Europe for a tooth extraction was Hungary where, on average, a patient would need to pay €39.

An oral examination and consultation will cost an average of €65 in Ireland, while the UK comes in second at €55. At the other end of the spectrum, patients in Spain and Lithuania are seen free of charge.

Found to be, on average, the second most expensive country for a crown at €600, Ireland is only beaten by the UK’s cost of €678.

The same is true of dental implants – at a cost of €2,495 in Ireland and €3,058 in the UK.

It should be noted that there are consideration other than price when purchasing treatment – and that these have not been considered as part of this report.

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Prices quoted are average procedure costs as provided by hospitals and dentists, from various countries on a ‘self-pay’ basis. Self-pay is defined as a non-insured patient funding the treatment. Treatment costs differ among individual treatment providers and all prices have been converted to Euro. Taking changes in exchange rates into consideration, prices should be seen as indicative.