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News / March 28, 2011

Next generation impression material

by Guy Hiscott

GC Europe has harnessed the best qualities of two great materials to form the next generation impression material – vinyl polyether silicone (VPES).

Exa’lence possesses high elasticity and tear strength, combined with constant hydrophilicity and exceptional flow – the result being one of the most accurate impressions obtainable. Exa’lence is predictable and virtually eliminates the need for retakes. Exa’lence provides an incredible level of detail that is paramount for optimal-fitting restorations.

Exa’lence offers:
•    Intrinsic hydrophilicity to capture the finest details, even in a moist environment
•    Outstanding flow and thixotropic characteristics to capture all details and clear crisp margins
•    Superior elasticity with a high degree of toughness to resist tearing
•    A pleasant mint taste
•    A wide choice of setting times and viscosities.

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