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News / March 28, 2011

Instant relief for sensitive teeth

by Guy Hiscott

With Pro-Argin technology, patients can have instant and lasting relief from dentine hypersensitivity using the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief treatment programme.

Pro-Argin technology works through natural process of dentine tubule occlusion that attracts arginine and calcium carbonate to the dentine surface to form a protective seal that provides instant relief.

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief desensitising polishing paste for in-surgery treatment can be used pre- or post-dental procedures, such as cleaning or scaling, providing sensitivity treatment and gentle polishing in one step. The desensitising polishing paste is easily applied with a prophy cup to facilitate the occlusion process and remove light stains.

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste for daily oral care of sensitive teeth at home provides instant relief achieved with direct application of the toothpaste massaged on to the sensitive tooth for one minute, and continued relief with subsequent twice daily brushing.

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