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News / February 17, 2011

Research shows rise in smoking

by Guy Hiscott

New research reveals that Irish smokers consume an average of 23 cigarettes every day, 10 more than revealed last year, costing the smoker approximately €293.25 each month.

The research, carried out by Aviva Health Insurance, also shows that almost a quarter of those who filled out their online health check are smokers, with a higher proportion of Irish females (24%) than males (22%) smoking.

Regionally, County Longford has the highest number of smokers in the country, with 30% of respondents reporting to smoke, while County Monaghan reported the lowest number of smokers for the second year in a row with only 16%.
Women in Ireland are smoking double the amount of cigarettes compared to men, an average of 12 more than men – highlighting that the trend of women smoking more than men remains the same.

These findings are even more shocking as statistics show that the incidence of mouth cancer is also rising in Ireland, with some 75% of such cancers tobacco-related. Every year approximately 300 cancers of the mouth are reported to the National Cancer Registry of Ireland. The overall five-year survival for mouth cancers is at 50%.
According to Department of Health and Children documents, some of the most shocking statistics show that smokers lose an average of 10 to 15 years from their life expectancy and that even if you are in the same room as a smoker you are exposing yourself to at least 50 agents known to cause cancer.
Speaking following the results of the online health check, Dr Stephen Murphy of the Aviva Medical Council said: ‘I would urge everyone to complete the online health check available at and to participate in the challenge to bring about behavioural change that can prolong and improve the quality of their lives.’