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News / January 13, 2011

Extra xylitol for extra health

by Guy Hiscott

This year will see the launch of three innovative new products in Wrigley’s range of sugarfree chewing gum – Extra Ice Peppermint, Extra Ice Spearmint and Extra Ice White.

All three products contain 50% xylitol, giving dental professionals even more reasons to recommend sugarfree chewing gum to their patients.

The new gum will be available from all good retailers and to purchase from your dental distributor to sell in your practice from the spring.

As well as the widely recognised benefits of sugarfree gum on the production of saliva, xylitol is an ingredient with proven dental benefits including preventing plaque formation, giving it a unique role in preventive strategies for dental health.

The Wrigley Company is excited by the new Extra Ice range and will continue to progress its research and product development to contribute towards greater oral healthcare.

Adrian Toomey, oral care brand manager at The Wrigley Company, says: ‘Chewing Extra Ice sugarfree gum with xylitol between morning and evening brushings is a great way for patients to look after their teeth when they are on the go.

‘It is proven that chewing sugarfree gum like Extra Ice helps to neutralise plaque acids and maintain tooth mineralisation and we are very proud of our oral healthcare products and their benefits related to maintaining good oral health.’